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There is no job in medicine that is a true cakewalk. If you like surgery better than anything else, you should do it. Otherwise, do something else. Keep in mind also that surgeons with the best work-life balance are often those doing more routine types of operations. If you are bedazzled by some super crazy cutting edge surgeries you saw as a student, keep in mind that those people probably still work really, really hard.

Surgery is awesome and if you truly love it you may be the thing for you. It’s not ideal for lifestyle, and residency is brutal, but when you are an attending you will be in very high demand and you will have more control of your hours than surgeons have ever had in the past. I hear about surgeons these days that are cutting back to 3 days a week and still working where they want to.

Does anyone have experience working as a physician in corrections? I have an affinity for people who wind up incarcerated, and I think I'm particularly well-suited to provide care in an environment like a jail or prison. Not that it's the ideal environment, of course, but someone's gotta do it and better me than most.

Initially I thought I would use my time in IM to do some rads research and maybe network with some radiologists but I'm at a small community hospital and our 2 radiologists have not been interested in getting involved with residents. I also do not have access to external rotations often enough that I could make any connections there. I'm not sure whether to go ahead and just apply to rads during the next cycle (for R1) or to look for attending positions at places that have in-house rads residencies. Or whether any of that would even matter at this point. Thoughts?